Friday, March 28, 2008

Nate and Blake

The boys were at the house last weekend and I’m just now getting a chance to look at the photos I took.

Before eating their afternoon snack Blake and Nate decided to put peanut butter on molasses cookies that Blake and Connie had made the prior weekend.

Sometimes I wonder if Nate gets more on his face than he does in his mouth?

Nate stuffs his cheeks full of popcorn while eating his cookie at the same time.

There is not a day go by that I don’t get a smile on my face thinking of these two boys. They truly bring joy to my life and I know they bring joy to Connie’s life too.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Let the Internet Help You

Recently I have been asked why Pan Abode Homes over brand X? Without coming right out and bad mouthing brand X which by the way starts with an L I’d suggest that you read the advise I have given other folks in the past. Frankly after doing the searches as I have laid out this is just one of the reasons that Connie and I built a Pan Abode Home over brand X.

When deciding on a home manufacturer or products to use in your home it pays to do a little research. That is where the internet can be a big help to you.

For instance if you decided to build a home using a system built home it pays to Google the manufacture. Go to Google and type in Pan Abode Homes law suit. Check the results then type in other manufactures followed by the words law suits. You might want to also type in other criteria and see what you get. Check the results before you decide which way to build.

As a dealer and home owner of a Pan Abode I know I can safely giving you this advice. Would other dealers of other brand cedar homes feel as secure as I do? Find out for yourself and I think you will see why I not only built a Pan Abode Cedar Home, but am now a dealer

Sunday, March 16, 2008


This weekend Zach, Jenn and Blake went to a workshop so we were asked to watch 2 year old Nate for the 2 days. Of course we protested; as if the only thing we had to do was spend precious time with one of our beloved little grandsons. Just joking of course as there is nothing I’d rather do than spend time with the boys. Frankly, it just doesn’t get better than that!

Saturday was a glorious day so we headed to the playground with Nate.

He ejoyes crawling through the plastic tubes.

Why is it that every kid loves to get dizzy? Here grandma spins him round and round.

It is pure joy watching this happy little face!

Laughing and giggling all day long!

It totally melts my heart when he looks up and asks for my hand.

Sunday was a very rainy and windy day so it was inside playing. He loves to put on grownup cloths and be silly.

Tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day and the anniversary of my mother’s death. She passed shortly after my 7th birthday 48 years ago.

As I grow older I have a harder and harder time understanding how my father only saw his children as something to get work out of. He had no love for his own childern and he took zero interest in his grandchildren. I think my son only saw him a couple of times while he was growing up. To me I just can not imagine how any person could not understand the gift that our children are to us and how extremely fortunate we are to have grandchildren. I don’t think a person can truly understand deep family love until their grandchild looks up to them and ask for a hand, or runs over and gives them a hug. I know I’m truly blessed to have my two grandsons, and I cherish each minute I get to spend with them.