Sunday, February 14, 2010

Recycle Center

In early January Jud helped me finish a project that I started about a year ago. At my age I like to sit down to put on shoes and we needed someplace to store recyclable stuff before taking it to the recycle center. So, I decided to build a bench that would open up where the recyclable stuff could be stored. Better yet the bench was made mostly with left over wood from various projects.

I love aromatic red cedar, so I have to admit that I did give into an impulse buy urge at the lumber yard. Other than the cedar and the maple that lines the lid all the rest of the bench was made from left over wood.

Jud installs the trim on the bottom of the bench.

The main part of the bench is made out of a leftover sheet of ¾ inch teak plywood that we had left over from the boat the we built. I have been storing this plywood since 1990. So, it was about time I found a project for it.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Getting Ready For Gardening

Last summer I grew nasturtiums in the far box. At the end of the season I found out that nasturtiums are eatable and I’m told they are very tasty. So, we added another box and this year we will not only grow nasturtiums for the beauty of a flower box, but for food too.

The best place for sun on our property is at the lakes edge, hence the new yellow cedar garden boxes that are mounted on the side of the dock.