Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Pavers

This past week we had several interruptions but we did get more of the VAST Pavers laid. Below are some photos from the past week.

Kurt lays more grid in preparation for the pavers.

As is often the case with me, I changed my mind in the middle of a project. I had planned to do more concrete work, but the pavers looked so good I figured why not do an additional 200 sq feet of them? So, the project is now on hold until more pavers arrive and time and weather let us get back to the job. (This time of year our days start getting longer very quickly. In fact we are gaining more than 3 minutes a day right now. By the time the pavers get here there will be enough light for me to work a couple of hours each evening on the project.)

The compass rose is done. Several people have stopped by to say how much they think the compass rose adds to the project. And, I agree. It was a lot of work, but well worth it.

Grandsons Nate and Blake stop in to lend a hand laying paver. Both boys had been by the week before and both boys had lots of fun putting pavers down. 3 year old Nate had a little trouble with the herringbone concept, but 7 year old Blake caught right on and was soon laying pavers as fast as the rest of us.

Nate shows off his new pink backpack, that he will wear on the kids upcoming 6 week trip to Malaysia. I have never seen a little boy who loves to play with trucks more than this kid, but he also loves pink. He says it is his favorite color.

My trusty 2001 Toyota Tacoma stands ready to deliver one last load of tools to a job site on Monday. As of Monday, my new 2010 double cab Tacoma will be in town and this great truck will transfer into the trusty hands of Jud. (Now that is the way to keep the truck coming to the job site, sell it to one of your employees!)

Connie stands in the middle of the compass rose and shows off her new Lady Bug clogs.


Small City Scenes said...

Hey Marcel---that is a huge undertaking---all the pavers I mean. It looks beautiful.

My youngest grandson also loves trucks and love the color pink too.

We had a rodeo here where all the cowboys wore pink. It was headlined as the "tough enough to wear pink" rodeo. LOL

I know you are extremely busy but we all miss you here at DPB. MaryBeth

Chuck Pefley said...

Hah, should have known MB would get here first -:)

Love you paver project, and the compass rose detail is brilliant! Obviously you've had good help though I suspect grandma was kept busy in the kitchen making cookies.

Your wood shed(s) are wonderful!! Imagine having two!! When we built our garage many years ago we designed an area dedicated to wood storage with the two exterior walls of the "shed" portion covered only by cedar lattice to allow good air flow. Mine pales by comparison, however. LOL!!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. Great to hear from you!!


Rebecca said...

You've out-done yourself again. Somehow you managed to make an already beautiful home more beautiful.